Be brave, be courageous

I have had a hard time getting (and staying) in front of my laptop the last few months. The fog of pregnancy set in alongside my usual difficulties; and life just seemed to muddle my brain. Not to worry though. Writing rarely goes to plan and importantly I’ve been able to make do (slowly). Getting back on track has taken some persistent determination but filling the pages on the screen with new words has served as both an inspiration and reward.

Be brave, be courageous. Just do it.

That is what I tell myself, everyday. There will always be a trillion excuses available to support delay, or a thousand negative thoughts to keep you otherwise unfocused and lurking in the shadows when it comes to writing and working towards those publishing dreams. But mostly you just have to give it a go and see what happens!

Keeping progress rolling on drafting ‘The Refugee’s Requiem‘ reminds me that hard work will always be worth it. It’s an ambitious project but one I’m keen to fulfil meritoriously. It will take as long as it takes and I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve also been keeping an eye out for opportunities for ‘Caught in Transition‘ and took a big leap into the unknown by submitting it to the Richell Prize for emerging writers. You just never know if you don’t do it! The judging will be underway shortly and I’m sure it will be competitive so I’ll have all my fingers & toes crossed for some positive feedback in the meantime. #lovethejourney


Evaluation isn’t a bad option

I’ve been absent. I’ve been lost deep in evaluating – my projects, my goals, my future, myself. In each of these we are all striving to achieve some form of individual validation. I wanted to work out what “validation” means to me as a writer. And you know what? It’s been good to do it. I wish I had taken the time to do it sooner!

I don’t think anyone finds it easy to focus on themselves, to genuinely dissect what recognition they need, what would feel like accomplishment. I’ll admit it hasn’t been terribly easy to figure it all out and piece together the way forward but then again nothing worth doing is ever easy. What I worked out is that I can give myself the validation I seek.

I set out focused on the need to be published and that a traditional approach (agent to publisher to bookstore) is the requisite validation for all writers. But I’ve realised that is not my goal as a writer. My goal is to publish. It’s important to me just share the stories that I have created. The how isn’t the important part but the professional standard is and I can of course make it happen. Thats my focus and I am excited about it. I can do it!

So while I continue to make progress drafting The Refugee’s Requiem, it’s time to work with an editor on Caught in Transition. I am busy saving as many dollars as possible to make that happen. I have taken that project as far as possible on my own (with the insightful help of my critique partners and betas) and it’s time to call in a professional to help me get it to it’s absolute best. From there I will publish and I hope you look forward to some announcements as that project further develops. #lovethejourney